The Married Couples Forum promises a relaxed atmosphere for married couples to learn more about each other and the godly values about working together. We caught up with Travis and Freccia on how they've found the Married Couples Forum. Here's what they told us:

How has the married couples’ forum impacted both of you?

It’s one of the best investments we’ve made as a couple! We always look forward to these opportunities to meet with like-minded couples, having open and honest discussions and learning from the wisdom and experiences of others.  

It revealed that we all face similar issues and challenges as couples, but we can become better at communicating, understanding and dealing with conflicts by sharing our journey with other couples.

Has it impacted specific areas of your relationship?

Yes, we have become better at identifying and dealing with conflicts. It has also taught us the importance of becoming better communicators. This was largely thanks to clear and insightful teachings by Pastor Joe’s and feedback from other couples.